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Mam in de prijzen

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Mam, de korte documentaire van alliantiepartner Adelheid Roosen, ontving afgelopen weekend (4-5 sep) de 2de prijs voor korte film op het International Health Festival in Griekenland. Uit het juryrapport: "Second prize is awarded to a film which which offers a startling and fresh window into the world of a woman with Alzheimer's disease. Mum by Adelheid Roosen captures the overflowing, loving vitality of her mum, regardless that her rational faculties may be disappearing. This is a brave film, both humanly and cinematically. Mum is a daring snapshot of a woman surrounded by the love of her family." De documentaire is 16 sep om 18h30 onderwerp van gesprek op in het programma Kruispunt op Nederland 2.



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