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Roman tragedies op Twitter

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Tijdens de Londense voorstellingen van Romeinse tragedies maakte het publiek flink gebruik van de internetmogelijkheden. Via Twitter stroomden de publieksreacties binnen. Zelfs recensente Lyn Gardner (@lyngardner) van The Guardian, die de voorstelling later in de krant omschreef als “unmissable”, twitterde mee.

Een greep uit de ‘tweets’: @jmc_fire: Really superb use of early & late Bob Dylan, in Roman Tragedies btw (he is, after all, the nearest living thing we have to Shakespeare) @selingirit: Roman Tragedies by Toneelgroep Amsterdam: 6 hrs of an amazing multimedia spectacle. Totally blew me away!!! Dramaturgy, acting, directing. @shaksper: Roman Tragedies eschews lyricism so that characters become contemporary politicians: blunt, besuited, mediated power machines. @tomcreed1980: Roman Tragedies at the Barbican is an amazing treat. A triumph of acting, dramaturgy and design. Get a bus or a train or a plane and see it! @liam_young: just sat through a 6hr live performance of the roman tragedies, in london, spoken in dutch + projected subtitles. a postmodern saturday eh.. @BorderCrossings: The Roman Tragedies is totally brilliant. The most exciting and important theatre I’ve seen in a long time. @MalinSusanna: right, anthony and cleopatra to go. we’re being counted down. roman tragedies about to start again. i’m loving this. @MalinSusanna: writing this from barbican mainstage during the brilliantly unusual roman tragedies. corolianus just killed.

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