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Zegetocht Romeinse tragedies down under

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Van 28 feb t/m 2 mrt was TA met Romeinse tragedies op het Adelaide Festival te gast. De verwachtingen waren hoog gespannen met de introductie die festivaldirecteur David Sefton enkele dagen voordien in The Guardian gaf: 'It’s in my top 10 shows of all time, and you can imagine how much I see in this job. It’s long but you can get up and walk around, you can get up onstage and get a drink, you can go and watch a bit of it outside on the telly – it doesn’t matter what your attention span’s like, you can engage with it. There’s wireless on stage – one friend who saw it did a bit of email. You can file a review during the show. The whole point is that it’s meant to look like a CNN rolling news, chronological version of the Shakespeare Roman plays so the idea of you sitting on a sofa watching it on TV is completely consistent. It’s a fantastic piece of work and at the centre of it are a bunch of the best actors in Europe.'

TA kwam, zag en overwon. #romantragedies was het hele weekend trending topic, de reacties van het publiek waren uitzinnig en voor wie er niet bij kon zijn, een greep uit de persreacties: 

'Roman Tragedies is a theatrical triumph, and more than deserving of the standing ovation and multiple curtain calls it received on opening night. Without doubt, one of the very best productions of the year.' - Richard Watts, artshub Australia

'It is an exhilarating, inspiring piece of theatre that manages to incorporate the very best elements of the major theatre practitioners of the 20th century. (...) Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s Roman Tragedies is certainly one of the most intelligent and brilliant productions I have ever experienced.' - Greg Elliott, InDaily

'Putting these three plays together, director Ivo Van Hove brings out the horror, the humanity, the pathos and the corruption of politics – and the volatility of the human temperament.  Roman Tragedies is a Dutch triumph. No doubt about it.' - Alan Brissenden, The Adelaide Review *****

'The Toneelgroep’s Roman marathon has a singularity of purpose that holds your attention from the opening blow to the very last asp.' - Alfred Hickling, The Guardian ****


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