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Lange dagreis in Zagreb

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Lange dagreis naar de nacht staat op 26 en 27 sep op het World Theatre Festival te Zagreb en deelt de festivalaffiche met o.a. Death in Venice (regie Thomas Ostermeier), Love and the body (regie Pippo Delbono), The coming storm (regie Tim Etchells) en King Size (regie Christoph Marthaler).  

'The eleventh edition of the World Theatre Festival explores the original intention for the Festival to serve as an event whose aesthetics bring together artists and audiences. Now that Croatia has become a member of the European Union, the culture we create must be recontextualized. The sickening smell of an economic and moral crisis took the potential for performative creation away from this occasion and threw it into lethargy that plagues the social and personal spheres. We want the Festival performances to reawaken the enchantment of life, to transform all of us taking part in it. If the answer to the ailments of the world is sought by philosophy, let us remind ourselves that theater has been its inseparable companion for over two and a half thousand years. Does this mean that theater, too, should find an answer to capitalist parliamentarism, which stole the name of democracy and violently conquered the planet?' - Dubravka Vrgoč en Ivica Buljan, artistiek team van het World Theatre Festival



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