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Special program for international audiences

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We’d like to invite you to a program for international audiences in the Netherlands. TA is the biggest theatre company in the Netherlands and we perform our plays worldwide. We invite non-Dutch speaking audiences by offering surtitles already, but we are expanding our efforts for non-Dutch speakers. This is why we organize an entertaining and informative program prior to The Hidden force (De Stille Kracht). Although the novel by Louis Couperus was already published in 1900, the themes have remained universal. Toneelgroep Amsterdam´s artistic director Ivo van Hove adapted the novel to the stage in a new thrilling adaptation.

During this evening you will be introduced to the work of Toneelgroep Amsterdam and the themes that are prominent in the play. Writer and essayist Bas Heijne will discuss some of the key points of the novel and Louis Couperus’s work in general. The evening will be accompanied by music from the composer of the play, Harry de Wit. The program will be concluded by a brief conversation between the guests on stage, followed by plenty of time to discuss the evening further over drinks and Indonesian snacks in the foyer.


  • date: Mon 11 jan 16, 20:00, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
  • tickets & info: lisa@tga.nl or +31 (0)20 795 99 38 or book here
  • ticket: € 15 / € 12,50 p.p.
  • combiticket: € 25 (for the International Program and a ticket to The hidden force on Jan 21, Jan 28 or Feb 4)

The hidden force

1900, Java. Otto van Oudijck governs his province with vigour. He sees himself as the representative of a superior European Culture. He lives for his work, for the colony, which he wants to bring to a higher level. But when Van Oudijck dismisses a local regent for misconduct, mysterious things start to happen in his house and around him.

The hidden force is a visionary novel in which the Western man dominates and controls, but turns out to be unable to get to the core of the East and conquer the culture of the Indies. What is left is a powerless western man in the Indonesian forest.

The hidden force is not only one of the great masterpieces of Dutch literature, it is a world-class book with which Couperus proves he can effortlessly stand next to great contemporaries such as Emile Zola and Marcel Proust.



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