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Jip van den Dool

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In season 19|20 Jip van den Dool (1992) will perform in the revival of The wood at ITA.

Van den Dool played before at ITA in The hidden force, Kings of war, The things that pass, May we be forgiven, The kindly ones, Emilia Galotti, Mary Stuart and Queen Lear.

After his theatre training at De Noorderlingen, he immediately moved on to Toneelacademie Maastricht. He debuted at Toneelgroep Amsterdam in 2014 with a part in Mary Stuart. He has played with companies such as Young Gangsters, Matzer Theaterproducties and the theatre collective Lars Doberman, creating performances at Orkater. Together with Nick Bos and Mathieu Wijdeven, he is the founder of the performance collective Firma DRAAK.

In addition to theatre, music is a great interest of his. With his love for jazz, Jip plays the saxophone, bass guitar, double bass, piano, drums, guitar, and also sings.



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