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Kitty Courbois

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Kitty Courbois (1937 - 2017) has been connected to the company since Toneelgroep Amsterdam was founded in 1987.

She has acted in countless performances for TA, among which were To Damascus, Tragedy, Summer Trilogy, Phaedra, After the Fall, Hedda Gabler and Kings of war.

Besides her work for Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Courbois acted for various other theatre companies. She played the part of Baal in Nekrassov (1980), for which she received a Colombina. She also appeared in many films and television series. Kitty Courbois received the Courbois Pearl and the Award of Honor from Amsterdam in 2010, to commemorate her fifty year anniversary as an actress on the Dutch stage.

Het Theater Instituut Nederland made a separate website about the life and work of Courbois in 2012 because of her outstanding contribution to the Dutch theatre. Using (childhood) photographs, film fragments and anecdotes by fellow actors, this striking actress’s biography and career are recounted thorugh this link: Een leven lang.



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