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Lauranne Paulissen

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Lauranne Paulissen was born on April 5 1991 in Heers (Belgium). During her high school days she stayed in Ecuador for ten months on an exchange programme. After the successful completion of her Bachelor’s course in acting, she is now following a Master’s course at the Antwerp Conservatory.

In 2012, Lauranne performed in Zenuwen van Oranje together with Bas Teeken and Hein van der Heijden, a play directed by Herwig de Weerdt, performed during the Theaterfestival Zeelandia. She appeared in Das Rheingold, directed by Ward Weemhof (de Warme Winkel) during the ITS-Festival 2013. In 2013 she will appear in Blood Wedding, a performance for TA-2 (in collaboration with Frascati Producties), directed by Julie van den Berghe.



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