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Peter Van Kraaij

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Peter van Kraaij (1961) worked as a freelance director in theatre and film in Belgium before joining Toneelgroep Amsterdam. He wrote several screenplays (‘Meisje’ and ‘My Queen Karo’, both directed by Dorothee van den Berghe) and directed ‘Vinaya’, a feature film he made with his long time companion Josse De Pauw. In theatre he staged his own texts (‘The blacksmith’s son’, ‘Sittings’ and ‘Trinity trip’) and specialized in 20th century drama (Joyce, Müller, Eliot, Koltès). Before leaving for Amsterdam he worked at Kaaitheater in Brussels and Walpurgis and De Tijd in Antwerp. From 2007 he joined Ivo Van Hove as dramaturg at Toneelgroep Amsterdam. In 2013 his first novel ‘Wat rest’ was published.




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