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blood wedding

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duration 1:40
premiere 02 Apr 2023

A wedding is planned in the 1930s in the Andalusian countryside. The marriage is loveless because it was arranged by the families for business reasons: the bride and groom hardly know each other.

When the bride's former lover shows up on the day of the wedding, old feelings resurface. Driven by an indestructible love, the bride and her lover run off during the party. A savage manhunt is launched. The outcome is fatal.


'Blood Wedding is teeming with themes that have cropped up in my own creations for decades: death, risk and freedom. It is an archaic and deeply human drama about family hatred. The security of a bourgeois existence loses out to passionate love, which drives itself to death. Lorca mixes high theatricality with naivety, primitivism and cruelty. He digs into the subconscious of his characters. It is precisely that subconscious that will be the driving force in our Blood Wedding.'



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