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the homecoming

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duration 1:45
premiere 13 Oct 2019

The Homecoming, one of the most frequently performed plays by English playwright and Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter, is still the reference piece for the power game that colours human interaction.

Every scene is a showdown.

After a long stay in America, Teddy returns to the family home, which is exclusively occupied by men. His father, brothers and uncle have lived there for many years. It's a kingdom of men. To their surprise, he's not alone. He's accompanied by Ruth, to whom he is married. As a result, all of the relationships are on edge.

Nanouk Leopold: 'The order within a family is disrupted. Five men and one woman, who's the strongest, each scene a showdown. The homecoming makes you think about the different roles that are played within a changing power structure where the position of victim and perpetrator is ambiguous. The power and timelessness of Pinter lies in the abstraction of his stories, the compelling form and the balance they strike between cruelty and humour.'



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