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the miser

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director ivo van hove
from molière
duration 1:50
premiere 25 Sep 2011

In the hands of Ivo van Hove, Molière’s classic comedy The Miser turns into a grim family portrait in which all relationships are determined and perverted by money. The lead role of miser Harpagon goes to Hans Kesting, who is celebrating 25 years in the business this season. According to playwright Simon Stephens on his performance in Roman tragedies: ‘He’s a huge bear of a man, but captures incredible tenderness; it was the tension between that tenderness and his visceral force that really haunted me. The best performance I’ve ever seen.’ The Guardian

‘Misers take note: This play could change your life. Unless you are too stingy to buy a ticket, of course. But then you would miss one of the best productions of Molière’s The Miser in a long time.’ Der Spiegel



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