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duration 1:50
premiere 28 Feb 2012

‘I see Husbands as a play that is all about performance. Three men having a crisis who indulge in drinking, singing, gambling, sex and women. I hear Born to Run as a theme like a daze in the play, like a hangover that you as the audience see getting worse and worse. Run for your life! Live to survive! The men cross all the boundaries of their daily existence, and then comes disillusionment. Or the way out?’ Ivo van Hove

Husbands is an international coproduction, part of the Prospero Project, for which only one director is selected each year. For this reason, the production will be shown exclusively in Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam and six major European theatres in Lisbon, Berlin, Rennes, Liège, Modena and Tampere.



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