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director robert icke
from robert icke
duration 2:00
premiere 10 Apr 2022

When you hear the name Judas, you think of betrayal. He is the man who agreed to hand over Jesus in exchange for 30 silver coins. That is the official version. However, in the Gospel of Judas, Jesus asks Judas to betray him, which means he did it because Jesus himself had asked him to. And that is strange, because Judas’ deed leads to the crucifixion of Jesus.

Director Robert Icke became fascinated by this other version of the story and brings it to the stage in a world premiere: Judas as the true, perfect disciple of Jesus. A play about the positive side of betrayal.

Robert Icke about Judas

‘The story of Jesus is perhaps the most famous story ever told. Yet Judas' story, though famous, has a very different colour and weight. Nobody praises his name, which has become an insult, a condemnation. Yet an ancient text, which resurfaced in the 1970s, the Gospel of Judas, offers a glimpse of another version: a story which offers us a different understanding of Jesus' most notorious disciple.

This new re-telling of the final days of Jesus' life, will think about betrayal and loyalty, about sacrifice and service, and about what it means to know that something is about to end.’



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