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children of the sun

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director ivo van hove
from maxim gorki
duration 3:00, incl. 1 pauze
premiere 28 Nov 2010

Children of the Sun was selected for the 2011 Theatre Festival and Jacob Derwig received the Louis d’Or 2011 (the most prestigious Dutch theatre award) for his ‘unsurpassed timing’ as Protassov.

Maxim Gorky portrays a group of intellectuals, who, detached from society, turn to science, art and love only to realize too late that their ideas do not rhyme with the harsh reality. The play’s protagonist, the scientist Protassov, has withdrawn with his wife and his sister to the parental home where he is working madly on a visionary idea: the potential of mankind to overcome its biological limits to found a new society. He is oblivious to everyone around him and cuts himself off from the rumours of revolt and cholera engulfing the city. He loses himself in experiments and talks with the artist Wagin, who is trying to court his wife, and the veterinarian Chepurnoy, who asks for his sister’s hand in marriage but is repeatedly turned down.

Feverishly, they discuss great ideals and the potential of mankind while leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. A lack of sympathy and social conscience leads to an escalation in the situation both within and beyond the estate walls. Their utopian visions to be like children of the sun are eclipsed by forces which they themselves have ignored for too long.

‘Van Hove and dramatist Van Kraaij have created a small miracle with this production. The actors are true masters of their individual roles. Their caricaturistic attire makes them funny, but they are also incredibly moving.’ - de Volkskrant ****

‘Children of the Sun is a play that will captivate any audience. You have been warned.’ - De Morgen



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