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children of nora

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director robert icke
from robert icke
after henrik ibsen
duration 2:00
premiere 09 Sep 2020

This is what Robert Icke wrote about the idea for his new play Children of Nora: ‘Everyone knows about the argument - the big argument, the ferocious, final argument, the one that ends the relationship. The one where the decision is made and somebody leaves and the door is slammed. Only, this door slam is the most famous door slam in dramatic literature. Its echo has reverberated down the ages - causing both controversy and celebration since A Doll’s House was first performed. Only Nora and Helmer, the protagonists of Ibsen's play have children. How do they feel? What happens to them after their mother leaves? Taking as its starting point the text of A Doll’s House, Children of Nora is about all the things we inherit which don't appear on the will.’

Robert Icke is the great talent of the young British theater. He became well known for his modern adaptations of classic texts. At ITA, he wrote and directed an entirely new version of Oedipus last year.



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