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Perhaps there is no woman from Ancient Greece who speaks more to the imagination than Medea. Every age has its own view on the myth about the daughter of the king who, out of love for Jason, leaves her own country for good and follows him to Greece. She gives him two children, but after a few years she has to make place for another, younger daughter of a king. Medea does an unimaginable thing: she doesn’t just kill Jason’s new bride, but also her own children.

For his first directing job at TA, Simon Stone mixed the tragedy by Euripides with the true story of a child murderer in the US in the 1990s. The result is gripping. The inalienable and inconceivable core of an old myth is swirling and fermenting beneath the surface of a recognizable contemporary story. Medea is called Anna in this contemporary version, a successful doctor who is trying to get on with her life after a forced confinement. She is willing to forgive the affair of her husband with a younger woman and to make a new start with him and the children. Soon it turns out that their plans for the future do not correspond. Anna is in danger of losing everything: her husband her children, her career. She is cornered and sees only one way out.



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