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no longer without you

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duration 1:00
premiere 03 Jun 2015

'I will not do what you say.  I’ll follow my own path, but I will not let myself be cast out. I will be different, but No Longer Without You.'

Niet Meer Zonder Jou (No Longer Without You) from our alliance partner Adelheid|Female Economy is a photo exhibition in public space as well as a performance - a conversation. It portrays searing, trembling, and at times both frightened and precious encounters between a member of the traditional Muslim community and a more progressive loved one.

The performance is a public conversation between a mother, Havva Oral (67), and her daughter, Nazmiye Oral (46), about that which was never said in the family. How can I walk away when my legs are not my own? And how do I pave my path back? Because my place within the family is my right.

Photographer Cigdem Yüksel (26) recognized herzelf in Nazmiye's process, in her dilemma and was inspired to make a series of portraits. Twenty people from the community were prepared to share a No Longer Without You encounter with a loved one or family member in front of Cigdem’s camera. This led to a unique exhibition in the public arena.

text Nazmiye Oral | directed by Adelheid Roosen | played by Havva Oral, Nazmiye Oral | assistant director Lauren Rissik | music Seval Okyay | light design Jantje Geldof | scenography & costumes Dymph Boss | photography Çiğdem Yüksel | research Kim Zonneveld, Nilay Ceber (stage) | business director Alexander Chu | production Nadin Topal | publicity Margriet Bakker, Pieter Donkers | coproduction Zina, Adelheid|Female Economy, Holland Festival | arms linked/coproduction Toneelgroep Amsterdam/Internationaal Theater Amsterdam



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