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duration 2:30, incl. 1 pauze
premiere 09 Nov 2012

Torvald Helmer and his wife Nora appear to lead an ideal life at first sight and seem to be perfectly happy. The outward appearance of their model marriage only reinforces its success. That is, until an unfortunate incident from Nora’s past suddenly surfaces and threatens to cast a slur on Helmer’s career. Helmer’s love for Nora then vanishes as rapidly as it was conceived. His fierce reaction opens Nora’s eyes. Her world collapses like a doll’s house.

'Masterful Nora by Halina Reijn’ Parool****

‘Nora is one of Reijn’s most beautiful and intensive roles to date and Nora is a convincing great-hall debut for Delpeut.’ Parool****

‘Delpeut and the fantastic cast of Toneelgroep Amsterdam made Nora into a contemporary marriage tragedy […] It sends shivers down your spine’. Telegraaf****

'Amazing that this piece was written over one hundred and thirty years ago. Great that Toneelgroep Amsterdam has included it in their repertoire. Gutsy how Delpeut shapes it with the risk of turning the audience against himself initially. And above all: an unrivalled and touching rendition by Reijn’. Theaterjournaal

'Thomas Rijckewaert as Torvald Helmer is cringingly good in his misplaced machismo. Eelco Smits plays Doctor Rank as a tormented soul fallen victim to love, Bart Slegers is creepy as the extortioner Krogstad who shows he has a heart after all and Janni Goslinga is Kristine, a pretty, resolute friend. The radiant centre of attention is of course Halina Reijn: superbly natural at times and displaying an unparalleled ability to lend meaning to every line and action’. Theaterkrant



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