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prima facie

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director eline arbo
from suzie miller
duration 1:40
premiere 30 Nov 2023

Maria Kraakman plays the role of Tessa, a clever and ruthless criminal defence lawyer specialising in sex crimes. She has broken away from her working-class environment and now resides among the privileged elite. Justice is a sport to her. She feels that, compared to her male colleagues, she undercuts sexual abuse victims in a neat way. Until the tables irrevocably turn. An unexpected event confronts her with the tense relationship between the patriarchal power of the law, the burden of proof, and morality.

Eline Arbo directs Maria Kraakman in author Suzie Miller's award-winning play. Prima Facie is a cutting monologue that caused a stir on West End and Broadway, and has been broadcast worldwide in cinemas by National Theatre Live.


'Suzie Miller knows how to tell an incredibly beautiful and personal story combined with a burning topical issue: modernising our sex offence code. In the Netherlands, too, we lag behind in protecting victims of sexual abuse. Prima Facie is a piece that brilliantly exposes how the age-old legal system is maintained and who is actually protected by our laws.'




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