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Gazing through Heijerman’s eyes, take a stroll on an eighty-minute Dutch audio tour through last century’s Amsterdamse Pijp (The Pipe). Stemmengeschuifel, met Heijermans door de Pijp is Dutch-language only.Heijerman’s masterpiece Op hoop van zegen has been performed in the Netherlands over a thousand times, and it has been translated into all languages. When Heijermans first arrived in Amsterdam in 1892, he was 27 years old and all but flat broke with a mere 62 cents upon his person. Just one year later, his first production premiered and he held the post of editor of Arts and Literature with the newly founded newspaper Telegraaf. In his short sketches called Falklandjes, which appeared in the papers for thirty years, he lays daily life bare under the pen name Samuel Falkland jr. He ambled through town day and night, watching and listening as he depicted the harshness of reality with a loving hand. These Falklandjes form the basis for the audio tour through the streets of the Pipe.

Fancy yourself a passer-by in the olden days of the streets where the ‘white plague’ roams. Experience the harrowing social destitution and rediscover the true meaning of the term ‘welfare state’.



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