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who killed my father

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duration 1:25
premiere 01 Jun 2020

Who Killed My Father, the third book by the French literary talent Édouard Louis, is both a indictment of ruthless capitalism and a loving tribute to his father.

The 26-year old author wrote this book as a letter in the second person. It was prompted by being confronted with his father, who he found almost unrecognisable: prematurely old and sick as a result of a life marked by hard labour, social deprivation, alcohol and an accident at work that condemned him for good to a purposeless life at home.

Ivo van Hove: 'A gripping story about a father who, at the age of fifty, is a physical and mental wreck because of the hard work in the industrial world of northern France. It is both a furious indictment of the political elite and a son's declaration of love. Édouard Louis also writes about how, as a young gay man, he was condemned as an outcast by his own workers' family.'

Édouard Louis points the finger at ruthless capitalism and the political elite that makes the lower classes bear the brunt. With this wonderful material, director Ivo van Hove forges a monologue for leading actor Hans Kesting.



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