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Hélène Devos

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Hélène Devos (1989) joined the ensemble of ITA in 2010.

In season 19|20 she will perform in the premieres of Freud (director Ivo van Hove) and Children of Nora (director Robert Icke) and the revivals of Oedipus, Kings of war, Roman Tragedies and Husbands and wives.

Devos played before at ITA in Small souls, Othello, Ibsen house, The Fountainhead, The glass menagerie,The hidden force, The seagull, The pelican, Opening Night, The miser, The Russians!, Angels in America, The taming of the shrew, Mourning becomes Electra, A bride in the morning, Liliom, Queen Lear and And we will never be parted.

Devos graduated in 2011 from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and made her film debut in 2016 with Belgica (director Felix van Groeningen).



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