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What is Europe? Is it a continent or a culture, a bygone dream or a thriving reality – or all of the above? In a year when a deeply divided Britain is set to leave the EU, De Balie and Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA) present the performance Re:Creating Europe in Paris in Ateliers Berthier (Théâtre d l’Odéon).

Re:Creating Europe is an exploration of Europe through the speeches and texts that have shaped, traced and defined its history. Based on an idea by Yoeri Albrecht, directed by Ivo van Hove and produced by De Balie & ITA, the performance forces you to reflect on what Europe is, and what it could be. Through the words of artists, thinkers and political leaders – from Shakespeare to Mitterrand, Thatcher to Obama – the evening seeks the very notion of Europe, performed by members of the ITA ensemble, with guest performers and speakers.

In 2016, the performance had its première in Amsterdam during the Forum on European Culture (an initiative of De Balie & DutchCulture) in Amsterdam. The performance now travels through Europe.



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