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birds of a kind

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duration 2:10
premiere 08 Apr 2023

When the German-Jewish Eitan and the American-Arab Wahida happen to meet in the library of New York, they fall in love instantly. But is their relationship likely to succeed against the backdrop of the decades-long Israeli-Arab conflict? Or are they a contemporary version of the “star crossed lovers” that Romeo and Juliet were to Shakespeare?

Eitan's family carries the memory of the Holocaust with them. For his father, the Arab world is out for the total destruction of Israel. Therefore, he cannot live with his son's choice of an Arab woman. Things are turned upside down when Eitan is seriously injured in a bomb attack by a suicide bomber in Israel.


'About a meeting that is destined: a Jewish boy and an Arab girl meet in a library. A beautiful love story. But the Jewish father cannot accept his son's choice.

About the boy's quest for his father's roots, the roots of his family. Which causes a lot of confusion. Because nothing is what it is. About the roots of the girl who has found her homeland again. Because she did everything she could to exorcise it.

About enmity and about identity. About the birds that can fly back and forth over the Israeli-Palestinian wall. A breathless search for who you are. And that we should be able to live like the birds.'




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