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Cookie policy Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Version: 20 May 2018

Our organization – Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (further referred to as ITA), located at Marnixstraat 427 in Amsterdam – uses cookies.

Because we want to guarantee your privacy as well as improve the user-friendliness of our websites ( and, we think it’s important for you to know how and why we use cookies.

1. Who is responsible for the processing of your data?
ITA is responsible for the processing of data as described in this cookie policy.

2. What are cookies?
Cookies are small tekst files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. By using cookies, we make sure that e.g.:
- Surfing our website becomes easier and more enjoyable.
- You don’t have to receive or fill in the same information every time you place an order on our websites.
- We can offer you special features, such as the shopping cart.
- We can measure how our websites are used and what we can improve about them.
- We can show you advertisements and recommendations based on your interests.

Cookies are not dangerous. They are not computer programmes and can’t be used to spread computer viruses or obtain private data or passwords from your computer.

3. Types of cookies
We place:
- Functional or necessary cookies: these cookies ensure that our website is functioning, e.g. features such as the shopping cart and payments.
- Analytical cookies: with analytical cookies, we gather statistics through Google Analytics about the usage of our website. By measuring website usage, we can keep improving our website to the advantage of our users. The data are used anonymously (data sharing is disabled) and a processing agreement has been reached with Google. All data are processed anonymously and encrypted, and deleted automatically after 14 months.
- Third party cookies: we place social media cookies, for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also use ad scripts for Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter and Instagram. This way, we can use your surfing behaviour to make the most relevant offers. For more information about the privacy and cookie policy of these organizations, please visit: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram.

4. Adjust browser settings
If you don’t want websites to be able to store cookies on your computer, please adjust your browser settings.  You will then receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can also adjust your settings so your browser refuses specific cookies, e.g. third party cookies. We would like to point out that, in case you don’t want to use cookies, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee that our website will work properly. Some features might be disabled or certain pages might not be accessible altogether. Refusing cookies doesn’t mean that you will not be shown any advertisements. The advertisements will simply not be adjusted to your interests anymore and will be repeated more often. For more information on adjusting your browser settings regarding cookies, please visit: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. Cookies are used on every computer. If you use more than one computer, you need to repeat this process for each computer.

5. Lastly
We will adjust our cookie policy when our websites or the regulations regarding cookies change. Our cookie policy was last changed on 20 May 2018.



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battles and metamorphoses of a woman

battles and metamorphoses of a woman

Wed 28 Sep 2022 - 20:30
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battles and metamorphoses of a woman

Thu 29 Sep 2022 - 20:30
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Fri 30 Sep 2022 - 19:30
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
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